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Lab Meetings:  Mondays, 9 AM - 10:30 AM
Journal Clubs:  Thursdays,
9 AM - 10:00 AM
BRF II Building 4th Floor Conference Room


December 18th
Shelley Lawrence Neonatal neutrophil and sepsis
December 25th
No lab meeting

January 1st
No lab meeting

January 8th
Katy Patras
GBS Innate Immune Evasion
January 15th
No lab meeting

January 22nd
Satoshi Uchiyama
Platelet Mediated Innate Immunity
January 29th
Jacqueline Kimmey
Effects of HIF1-a stabilization during GBS infection
February 5th
Ingrid Cornax
Canine Innate Immunity
February 12th
Alison Vrbanac
February 19th
No lab meeting

February 26th
Angelica Riestra
Investigating the innate immune response against Trichomonas vaginalis
March 5th
Janet Liu
Effects of B. anthracis Edema Toxin on Innate Immunity
March 12th
Nick Dillon Combating Antibiotic Resistance
March 19th
Josh Sun
March 26th
Ruth Siew
Antibiotic Repurposing
April 2nd
George Sakoulas
Novel Antibotic Discovery
April 9th
Nina Gao
April 16th
Tamara Escajadillo
How HMOs can help protect against hemolysis
April 23rd
Andres Valderrama
April 30th
Greg Golden
Heparan sulfate and pneumococcal sepsis
May 7th
Alison Coady
May 14th
Chulie Ulloa
HIF Gone Wild!

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