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04/16:  Scientists Receive $9.5M NIH Grant to Combat Antibiotic Resistance  (link)  Drug Discovery & Development

01/16:  Researchers Develop Fast Testing Method for Antibiotic Susceptibility  (link)  eBiomedicine

10/15:  Breast Cancer Drug Fights Superbugs (link)
San Diego Union Tribune  (linkHuffington Post  (link Washington Post

10/15:  Deadly Bacteria Stiff-Arm the Immune System  (link)  Cell Host & Microbe

06/15:  Common Antibiotic Kills Superbugs  (linkSan Diego Union Tribune  (linkeBiomedicine 
(linkDrug Discovery News

05/15:  Molecular Homing Beacon Redirects Human Antibodies to Fight Pathogenic Bacteria (linkJournal of Molecular Medicine

04/15:  Boosting the Body’s Natural Ability to Fight Urinary Tract Infections (link) PLoS Pathogens

06/14:  A Key Step Toward a Safer Strep Vaccine (link) Cell Host & Microbe

05/14:  Genetic Risk Factor for Premature Birth Found (link) Journal of Experimental Medicine

01/14:  Drug Discovery Potential of Natural Microbial Genomes (linkPNAS

11/13:  Antibiotic Resistance a Historic Challenge (link) San Diego Union-Tribune Op-Ed

09/13:  Biologists Uncover Mechanisms for Cholera Toxin's Deadly Effects  (linkCell Host & Microbe

12/12:  New Compound Overcomes Drug Resistant Infections in Mice (linkPNAS

09/12:  ICAAC Live:  This Week in Microbiology Live Panel Interview on TB, Social Media & Boosting Immunity (video)

06/12:  How Infectious Disease May Have Shaped Human Origins (link)  

04/12:  UCSD Dean's Symposium: "Innovative Strategies Against the Global Threat of The Drug-Resistant Pathogen MRSA" (video)

  Election to Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology (link) (webpage) American Academy of Microbiology

  Glycans Enter Mainstream of Biomedical Sciences (linkNew NIH Glycosciences Center at UCSD

06/11:  How the Immune System Fights Back Against Anthrax Infection ( linkImmunity

04/11:  Lab Alumnus Suzan Rooijakkers wins 2011 Eppendorf Young Investigator Award (link) (podcastNature and Eppendorf

04/11:  Structure Formed by Strep Protein Can Trigger Toxic Shock (linkNature

03/11:  Lab Alumnus Annelies Zinkernagel wins 2011 Young Investigator Award (link) ESCMID

12/10:  Researchers Discover Immune System Has Emergency Backup Plan (linkNature Immunology

12/10:  S.D. Union-Tribune: "Drug-Resistant Bacteria Grow as Looming Health Threat"  (linkNewspaper interview

11/10:  UCSD 50th Anniversary Lecture (video"Infectious Diseases at UCSD: A Personal Perpective of Discovery Through Collaboration"

11/10:  Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Boost Immune Killing Cells (link + video Cell Host & Microbe

10/10:  UCSD 50th Anniversary Television Special:  "Outsmarting Superbugs" (video8 minute documentary

10/10:  Fruit Flies Reveal Secrets of How Anthrax Kills (linkNature

08/09:  How Meningitis Bacteria Attack the Brain (linkJournal of Experimental Medicine

07/09:  Leading Newborn Pathogen Suppresses Immune Cell Function (link) (podcastJournal of Experimental Medicine

07/09:  Scientific American article on "Squashing the Superbugs" (link) (pdf) Staph research highlighted

03/09:  Lab Alumnus George Liu wins 2009 Merck Irving S. Sigal Award (link) American Society of Microbiology

12/08:  UCSD Medical Center News Magazine:  "Seeking New Drugs for Bad Bugs" (pdfProfile of research

10/08:  Proto Magazine article: "The War on Superbugs" (link) (pdfProfile of research

09/08:  Doran Lab in the S.D. Union Tribune: "Cracking Anthrax" (link) Former trainee's outstanding work

08/08:  How Flesh-Eating Bacteria Attack the Body’s Immune System  (linkCell Host & Microbe

06/08:  Engineered Protein Shows Potential as a Strep Vaccine (linkScience

05/08:  ASM News: "Specific Cholesterol-Lowering Agents Blanch and Undercut S. aureus"  (linkStaph research highlighted

05/08:  Mystery Solved: The Ashwell Receptor Reduces Mortality During Bacterial Infection (linkNature Medicine

05/08:  E. Mead Johnson Award for Research in Pediatrics (linkSociety for Pediatric Research

04/08:  Researchers Link Master Regulator of Innate Immunity to the Hypoxic Response  (linkNature

02/08:  Naked Scientists Podcast: Cholesterol Inhibitor vs. MRSA (podcastStaph research highlighted

02/08:  New Approach May Render Disease-Causing Staph Harmless  (linkScience

07/07:  Researchers Discover Key Mechanism to Emergence of Deadly Strep Bacteria (linkNature Medicine

06/07:  Key Finding by UC-San Diego Scientists May Improve Treatment of Anemia (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

12/06:  UCSD Researchers Discover Internal Compass of Immune Cells  (linkScience

07/06:  S.D. Union-Tribune: "In the Deep, Healing Drugs" (linkAntibiotic research profiled

07/06:  New UCSD Program to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria (linkAntibiotic research profiled

02/06:  Flesh-Eating Bacteria Escapes Body's Safety Net (linkCurrent Biology

10/05:  ASM News:  "Pigments of Pathogens Might Provide Antimicrobial Opportunities"  (linkStaph research profiled

09/05:  Molecular Anchor  Allows Bacterial Invasion of Central Nervous System (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

07/05:  S.D. Union-Tribune: "Study finds bacteria's weak spot: color" (linkStaph research profiled

07/05:  UCSD Researchers Boost White Blood Cells' Ability to Kill Bacteria (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

06/05:  Golden Armor: New Way to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infections (linkJournal of Experimental Medicine

04/05:  Researchers Show Protein's Role in Stopping Bacterial-Induced Inflammation (linkNature

09/04:  Strep Bacteria Uses Sword and Shield to Win Battle Against Immune System (linkPNAS

07/04:  Researchers’ Finding About Pathogen in Newborns May Aid Vaccine Development (linkPNAS

09/03:  UCSD Researchers Decipher Function of Blood-Brain Barrier in Bacterial Meningitis (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

06/02:  Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Young Investigator Award (linkPediatric Infectious Disease Journal

01/02:  Researchers Link Toxin To Development of “Flesh-Eating” Bacterial Infections (linkLancet

11/01:  Peptide Identified as Natural Antibiotic Providing First Line of Defense Against Bacterial Infection (linkNature