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08/17:  Single Strep Protein Sets off Immune Systems' Early Warning System ( linkNature Microbiology   (NBC 7 NewsKUSI News)

06/17:  The Antibiotic Resistance Crisis (video of public lecture Ruben H. Fleet Science Center/UCSD TV

06/17:  Can Using Antibiotics Be Unethical? (radio interviewKPBS Midday

04/17:  2016-17 UCSD Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research in Science and Engineering (video

03/17:  Don't Waste Cashew Shells - It's Oil Can Cure Wounds, Abscesses  (linkJournal of Biological Chemistry

01/17:  Biocrest 2017 (Amrita University, India) Keynote Address: “Boosting Endogenous Antimicrobial Activities ....”

12/16:  Antibiotic Resistance Just Become More Complex (link PLoS Biology

11/16:  Our Perpetually Vigilant Internal Guardian (linkSan Diego Union-Tribune

09/16:  Focus: The Race Against Superbugs (link + video)  San Diego Union-Tribune

09/16:  Biochemists' Discovery Could Lead to Vaccine Against "Flesh-Eating" Bacteria (link) Nature Microbiology

How Some Flesh-Eating Bacteria Evade Immune Response (link)  San Diego Union-Tribue

08/16:  Flesh-Eating Infections in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Spur New Discovery (link + videoScience Immunology

06/16:  Distinguishing Deadly Staph Bacteria from Harmless Strains (link PNAS

05/16:  Local teen creates new contact lens solution (link Fox 5 News San Diego

:  Scientists Receive $9.5M NIH Grant to Combat Antibiotic Resistance  (link)  Drug Discovery & Development

01/16:  Researchers Develop Fast Testing Method for Antibiotic Susceptibility  (link)  eBiomedicine

10/15:  Breast Cancer Drug Fights Superbugs (link)
San Diego Union Tribune  (linkHuffington Post  (link Washington Post

10/15:  Deadly Bacteria Stiff-Arm the Immune System  (link)  Cell Host & Microbe

06/15:  Common Antibiotic Kills Superbugs  (linkSan Diego Union Tribune  (linkeBiomedicine 
(linkDrug Discovery News

05/15:  Molecular Homing Beacon Redirects Human Antibodies to Fight Pathogenic Bacteria (linkJournal of Molecular Medicine

04/15:  Boosting the Body’s Natural Ability to Fight Urinary Tract Infections (link) PLoS Pathogens

06/14:  A Key Step Toward a Safer Strep Vaccine (link) Cell Host & Microbe

05/14:  Genetic Risk Factor for Premature Birth Found (link) Journal of Experimental Medicine

01/14:  Drug Discovery Potential of Natural Microbial Genomes (linkPNAS

11/13:  Think You Have Strep Throat?  There's an App for That (linkAnnals of Internanl Medicine

11/13:  Antibiotic Resistance a Historic Challenge (link) San Diego Union-Tribune Op-Ed

09/13:  Biologists Uncover Mechanisms for Cholera Toxin's Deadly Effects  (linkCell Host & Microbe

12/12:  New Compound Overcomes Drug Resistant Infections in Mice (linkPNAS

09/12:  ICAAC Live:  This Week in Microbiology Live Panel Interview on TB, Social Media & Boosting Immunity (video)

06/12:  How Infectious Disease May Have Shaped Human Origins (link)  

  Election to Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology (link) (webpage) American Academy of Microbiology

06/11:  How the Immune System Fights Back Against Anthrax Infection ( linkImmunity

04/11:  Lab Alumnus Suzan Rooijakkers wins 2011 Eppendorf Young Investigator Award (link) (podcastNature and Eppendorf

04/11:  Structure Formed by Strep Protein Can Trigger Toxic Shock (linkNature

12/10:  Researchers Discover Immune System Has Emergency Backup Plan (linkNature Immunology

12/10:  S.D. Union-Tribune: "Drug-Resistant Bacteria Grow as Looming Health Threat"  (linkNewspaper interview

11/10:  UCSD 50th Anniversary Lecture (video"Infectious Diseases at UCSD: A Personal Perpective of Discovery Through Collaboration"

11/10:  Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Boost Immune Killing Cells (link + video Cell Host & Microbe

10/10:  UCSD 50th Anniversary Television Special:  "Outsmarting Superbugs" (video8 minute documentary

10/10:  Fruit Flies Reveal Secrets of How Anthrax Kills (linkNature

08/09:  How Meningitis Bacteria Attack the Brain (linkJournal of Experimental Medicine

07/09:  Leading Newborn Pathogen Suppresses Immune Cell Function (link) (podcastJournal of Experimental Medicine

07/09:  Scientific American article on "Squashing the Superbugs"  (pdf) Staph research highlighted

12/08:  UCSD Medical Center News Magazine:  "Seeking New Drugs for Bad Bugs" (pdfProfile of research

10/08:  Proto Magazine article: "The War on Superbugs" (lpdfProfile of research

09/08:  Doran Lab in the S.D. Union Tribune: "Cracking Anthrax" (link) Former trainee's outstanding work

08/08:  How Flesh-Eating Bacteria Attack the Body’s Immune System  (linkCell Host & Microbe

06/08:  Engineered Protein Shows Potential as a Strep Vaccine (linkScience

05/08:  ASM News: "Specific Cholesterol-Lowering Agents Blanch and Undercut S. aureus"  (linkStaph research highlighted

05/08:  Mystery Solved: The Ashwell Receptor Reduces Mortality During Bacterial Infection (linkNature Medicine

05/08:  E. Mead Johnson Award for Research in Pediatrics (linkSociety for Pediatric Research

04/08:  Researchers Link Master Regulator of Innate Immunity to the Hypoxic Response  (linkNature

02/08:  Naked Scientists Podcast: Cholesterol Inhibitor vs. MRSA (podcastStaph research highlighted

02/08:  New Approach May Render Disease-Causing Staph Harmless  (linkScience

07/07:  Researchers Discover Key Mechanism to Emergence of Deadly Strep Bacteria (linkNature Medicine

06/07:  Key Finding by UC-San Diego Scientists May Improve Treatment of Anemia (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

12/06:  UCSD Researchers Discover Internal Compass of Immune Cells  (linkScience

07/06:  S.D. Union-Tribune: "In the Deep, Healing Drugs" (linkAntibiotic research profiled

07/06:  New UCSD Program to Fight Drug-Resistant Bacteria (linkAntibiotic research profiled

02/06:  Flesh-Eating Bacteria Escapes Body's Safety Net (linkCurrent Biology

10/05:  ASM News:  "Pigments of Pathogens Might Provide Antimicrobial Opportunities"  (linkStaph research profiled

09/05:  Molecular Anchor  Allows Bacterial Invasion of Central Nervous System (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

07/05:  S.D. Union-Tribune: "Study finds bacteria's weak spot: color" (linkStaph research profiled

07/05:  UCSD Researchers Boost White Blood Cells' Ability to Kill Bacteria (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

06/05:  Golden Armor: New Way to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Staph Infections (linkJournal of Experimental Medicine

04/05:  Researchers Show Protein's Role in Stopping Bacterial-Induced Inflammation (linkNature

09/04:  Strep Bacteria Uses Sword and Shield to Win Battle Against Immune System (linkPNAS

07/04:  Researchers’ Finding About Pathogen in Newborns May Aid Vaccine Development (linkPNAS

09/03:  UCSD Researchers Decipher Function of Blood-Brain Barrier in Bacterial Meningitis (linkJournal of Clinical Investigation

06/02:  Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Young Investigator Award (linkPediatric Infectious Disease Journal

01/02:  Researchers Link Toxin To Development of “Flesh-Eating” Bacterial Infections (linkLancet

11/01:  Peptide Identified as Natural Antibiotic Providing First Line of Defense Against Bacterial Infection (linkNature