Armin Kousha, PhD
  Postdoctoral Researcher

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George Sakoulas
Armin Kousha, PhD, is a Norwegian citizen who was born in Iran. From 1997 to 2009, he was a full-time faculty member in Iran, and since 2009, he has worked as a research scientist in Norway. After graduating with honors in veterinary science and fish health in Iran, he pursued his PhD in India. Following his relocation to Norway, he earned a graduate degree from The Arctic University of Norway and worked in various premiere labs in the field of fish health (e.g., Prof. E. Ring°, Prof. R.E. Olsen and Prof. ┼shild Krogdahl). His professional highlights have been in animal and fish health, with a focus on molecular microbiology and physiology, and primary findings on the therapeutic, immune-regulatory, and histopathological effects of antibiotics.

During his post-graduate training in the UC San Diego at Prof. Nizet lab (2016-2017), he developed a strong interest in multi-drug resistant bacterial infections, and is using a variety of in vitro (e.g., antimicrobial susceptibility testing), ex vivo (e.g., blood and serum killing assays), and in vivo (e.g., intraperitoneal and skin infection models) techniques to study synergistic interaction between antibiotics and the innate immune system.

Armin's studies are conducted in close collaboration with Prof. Monika Kumarswamy