Ingrid Cornax, DVM, PhD
Veterinary Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow

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Ingrid Cornax, DVM, PhD

Ingrid grew up in sunny San Diego and is glad to be back in her home town after spending almost 18 years away. She did her undergraduate and postgraduate education at the University of California-Davis, completing a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a Master’s degree in Avian Science followed by veterinary school. In vet school, she joined the Veterinary Scientist Training Program completing her DVM and PhD in tandem studying the interaction between egg yolk lipid and E. coli in the pathogenesis of “egg yolk peritonitis” (also called avian collibacillosis), one of the most common infectious diseases affecting egg-laying chickens.

After graduation, Ingrid moved to Athens, Georgia, USA to work at the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory at the USDA to study the role of inflammatory cytokines in viral clearance and lesion formation in chickens infected with highly virulent and vaccine strains of exotic Newcastle disease virus. She then moved to Penzberg, Germany to learn a new language and experience Bavarian life while working in antibody development at Roche. After spending two years in Germany, Ingrid returned to the US to complete her residency training in veterinary pathology, which she started in the animal diagnostic lab at Louisiana State University and completed at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in the Comparative Pathology Shared Resource of the Masonic Cancer Center.

Ingrid is now a board certified by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and working the Nizet Lab studying canine breed-specific immune defects underlying diseases such as: granulomatous colitis of Boxer dogs, deep pyoderma, anal furunculosis and systemic aspergillosis of German Shepherd dogs, and Malassezia dermatitis in Basset Hounds.  Ingrid is supported by the UCSD T32 Training Program in Veterinary Medicine.