Jenny Koo, MD
Neonatal Medicine Fellow

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Jenny Koo
Jenny Koo hails from Arcadia, CA and graduated from UCLA in the major of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology.  As an undergrad she conducted research on micro-RNA approaches to knockdown Bcr-Abl in leukemia cells using murine models.   She then came to UCSD for Medical School and continued on to the Pediatric Residency Program working on translational research to study how various thickening adjects affect the mechanical and nutritional qualities of human milk in infant feeding.  As a Fellow in Neonatal Medicine, Jenny is working on novel biomimetic nanotherapeutic approaches to counteract bacterial toxins and deleterious inflammatory cytokine cascades in the contet of neonatal sepsis.  This work is conducted in collaboration with the laboratory of Liangfang Zhang in UCSD Nanoengineering and under the co-supervision of Shelley Lawrence in the Division of Neonatology.