Monika Kumaraswamy, MD
Infectious Diseases Fellow

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Monika Kumaraswamy Monika Kumaraswamy received Bachelors’ degrees in both Microbiology and Chemistry from Northern Arizona University. She also attended medical school, earning a medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her internal medicine residency at Case Western Reserve University. She is board certified in internal medicine and is currently completing an infectious disease fellowship at the University of California San Diego. 

Monika recently started the research portion of her fellowship and is working in the Nizet lab. Her research interests include understanding and elucidating the role of innate immunity as well as identifying novel targets for therapeutic intervention in the setting of multi-drug resistant infections.  Monika's research is supported by the UCSD Infectious Diseases Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program

Interesting Facts About Monika:  She previously played on the University of Valencia ping pong team (while living in Spain) and has summited Mount Kilimanjaro.