Satoshi Uchiyama, MD, PhD
Assistant Project Scientist

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Satoshi Uchiyama

Satoshi was born in Niigata, Japan and completed his medical school training and pediatric residency at Niigata University School of Medicine, briefly working as a neonatologist thereafter.  In 2006, Satoshi received a grant from the Yoshida Scholarship Foundation to come to America for basic science research training, landing him for his first stint in our laboratory.  During these four years, Satoshi completed multiple projects related to GBS and pneumococcal pathogenesis, bacterial penetration of the blood-brain barrier, Siglec receptors in neutrophil function, and the hepatic Ashwell-Morell receptor in modulating the coagulopathy of sepsis.  His efforts and publications earned him the PhD degree from his home university.  In 2010, Satoshi joined the laboratory of (Nizet Lab alum) Annelies Zinkernagel at the University of Zurich for postdoctoral training on GAS pathogenesis, Toll-like receptor signaling, and M protein-fibrinogen interactions.  Satoshi then received a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship to initiate his own research group at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig, Germany.  There his laboratory studied the role of GAS virulence factors in modulating pathogen escape for autophagy pathways and intracellular killing.

In 2015, Satoshi was recruited back to the Research Faculty here at UCSD to spearhead our laboratories efforts on new projects related to the glycobiology of host-pathogen dynamics mediating the coagulopathy and vaculopathy of sepsis - work that sprung from his earlier research in the laboratory and will involve GAS, GBS, S. aureus interactions with host platelets, clotting factors and endothelium.  This research is a collaboration with the group of Jamey Marth at UC Santa Barbara.